Saturday, July 24, 2010

studio progress

Ive been very busy getting my studio just the way I want it, between getting my etsy shop fully stocked. I now have 175 items listed, woo hoo!
The studio just needs a little tweaking. I still have lots of art that I have collected that I need to get framed and on the walls. Some of which came from some wonderful etsy shops and some of my own. Of course a few that I have picked up from thrift shops. I have used all of the furniture that I can spare from the rest of the house, but still need a couple more drawer units or something similar. Im having trouble finding good storage for my rubber stamps. I dont like them to be hidden, as I use them for inspiration. But I do need them in one good spot that is not in the way. Any suggestions would be great!
So as soon as I have these little things done, I will post pictures of the finished product.
By the way, it is so much better creating in the studio then on the kitchen table or sitting on the couch. Its a space that is all mine and just brings me peace!